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Community Supervision Officer
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Pre-Employment Release
Job Closing:  May 29, 2020  5:00pm

Job Description
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Job Closing:  May 26, 2020    5:00pm

AG Office Manager
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Closing Date:    May 28, 2020   5:00pm


Due to the COVID-19 the Hutchinson County Courthouse is currently closed. Please Email
Applications to amyb@hutchinsoncnty.com or ksargent@hutchinsoncnty.com or you mayFax Applications to (806) 878-4029.) Instead of our delivering it to our address for now.

Applications must be turned into the Treasurer's Office:

Hutchinson County Courthouse
515 S.  Main Street, Suite 204
Stinnett, Texas 79083

Office Hours -  8:00am - 6:00pm  Monday - Thursday     Closed 12:30 - 1:30 for lunch
Office:  806-878-4010