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Notice of General Election:

Republican Party
Democratic Party

Health Protocols for Voters
Health Protocols for Voting in Person:
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Early Voting General Election Polling Places

Notice of Voting Order Priority

General Election Polling Places

Last Day to Register to Vote

Precinct Map *

General Election Sample Ballots  

Precinct 11
Precinct 11 / BISD / OTB
Precinct 11 / BISD
Precinct 14 / BISD / OTB
Precinct 14 / BISD
Precinct 21 / SFIS / OTF
Precinct 21 / SFIS
Precinct 21 / PSPI
Precinct 21 / BISD
Precinct 23 / BISD / OTB
Precinct 23 / BISD
Precinct 31
Precinct 31 / PSPI
Precinct 33 / BISD / OTB
Precinct 33 / BISD
Precinct 33 / PSPI
Precinct 41
Precinct 41 / PSPI
Precinct 42 / BISD / OTB
Precinct 42 / PSPI

List of Write-In Candidates

Dates To Remember:
Last Day To Register: April 1
Early Voting:  April 19 - April 27 
Voting Day:     May 1


Notice of Election for Cities and Schools

BSID -  Notice of General Election

City of Borger - 
Order of Election for Municipalities

City of Borger
    Venue Tax Election
    Notice of Election - English
    Notice of Election - Spanish 
City of Stinnett
City of Fritch
Order of Cancellation
Borger ISD
Sanford/Fritch ISD
PSPCISD General Election Notice

"A federal judge on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 approved a plan that says it won't be mandatory for Texans to present an ID in order to vote in the November general election. Please click on one of the links below to see the  new requirements."

 Texas Voter ID Requirements - English
 Texas Voter ID Requirements - Spanish

Your Voice Your Vote 

Application For Ballot By Mail
Application For Ballot By Mail (Form)

Offices Appearing in the March 3, 2020 Primary Election

Notice of Election Training
Election Training

Election Advisory No.2020-29
Elimination of Straight-Party Voting

Notice of Canvass

Partial Manual Count

Notice of Deadline to file for place on Ballot:
Democratic Party
Republican Party

Sample Ballot

Early Voting -    Testing of Tabulating Equipment
Public Notice - Testing of Tabulating Equipment - English
Public Notice - Testing of Tabulating Equipment - Spanish

Election Details

Notice of Convening of Early Voting Ballot Board


Notice of Election - Sandford-Fritch

Notice of Special Election - Pringle-Morse C.I.S.D

Certificate of Posting - City of Borger


Hutchinson County Elected Offices
Hutchinson County Elected Officials

Qualifications for All Public Offices

    For more Election Information contact Jan Barnes, Hutchinson County Clerk

Voting in Hutchinson County

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Where do I Vote?
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Military & Overseas Voters
Special Needs Voters